Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Madri Gras Party was an event not to miss!

Every year we (student council) host the spring event. We collaborate with other students from different schools to produce the event, perform, help set up etc. In the past we have hosted everything from a Fashion Show to a Masquerade Ball. This past Friday we had our big Madri Gras party and it was a big success! The main gallery was transformed into New Orleans! There was a big Madri Gras mask that hanged in the front of the main gallery with dramatic drapes attached to it. The Madri Gras party was full of costumes, masks, beads, feathers, and two girls walked around the whole night on stilts! I do not know how they did it because walking around in my high heels the whole night is enough for me to handle. We had three different DJ’s that played a diverse selection of music. All of them did very well and the CalArts community was pleased (the dance floor  was never empty as many CalArtians danced the night away). Another highlight would have to be the Hip Hop clubs performance. Every year the Hip Hop club performs at Spring Event or Halloween. They never disappoint and brought their ferocity to the stage as they always do. We are only one week away from our spring break,and the Madri Gras party was  a perfect break in our busy schedules. Special thanks to everyone who was involved in making it a big success! New Orleans would be proud!

Peace and Love