Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Theft in the Cafeteria

One of the issues that has been brought to the attention of student council is theft in the Cafeteria.

After talking with several students, a popular opinion is that the food in the Cafeteria is so overpriced that it justifies stealing it.  This, however, has forced the Cafeteria to budget for theft in their food prices.  Additionally, some new to-go items in the Cafeteria, such as the Sushi, are possibly going to be removed because they are stolen too often!

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Let us know what you think!

1 comment:

  1. While stealing may be wrong, the cafeteria is so grossly overpriced that I understand why students participate in the theft. The cafeteria has numerous flaws. For example:
    1. meal plans dont roll over. We are forfeiting our hard earned money if our meals aren't used and being penalized for it.
    2. What is with these new order slips?! They are such a disgusting waste of paper. Aren't we supposed to be innovators? Can't we think of a less harmful way to order?
    3. The lunch specials end way before dinner starts leaving students who happen to have to get lunch between those times eating the same handful of meal options.
    4. The food NEVER CHANGES. I have been eating the same food for four years. There are only so many combinations of food you can have before you are forced to repeat them over and over agian.
    5. The weekend hours are restrictive and dont provide students who stay on campus adequate time to get food.

    This behavior will undoubtably continue until the cafeteria begins to satisfy the needs of the students. The majority of food that is stolen are the prepackaged food items. Make them part of the meal plan. I guarantee you the theft will decrease. Why should I pay almost double the price of certain items? Thats ridiculous.