Tuesday, March 1, 2011

School Improvement

Student Council is funded by the $30 activity fee you pay.  With that money, we are able to do numerous things that benefit the CalArts community including the annual Halloween party, spring event, and fund numerous student projects.  So far, student council has given away $32,000 to fund student's metiee needs, help with student emergencies, and most of all, fund art-making!

But we know that there are additional needs and student council did their best to make sure the entire community was served this year through school improvement projects.

Just this last week, student council funded a 2nd microwave which is now located across from Cafe B.

Additionally, the senators for each school researched their school's needs and, given the available funds, came up with the following school improvement plans:

A. Art School senators Miriam Conner and Clay Gibson are securing projectors for the graphic designers' classrooms and cork board for F200
B. Critical Studies senator Anna Jones secured funding for the catered thesis readings
C. Dance senators Hilary Grumman and Amanda McNussen used council funds for the hour glass event and are working on getting a video feed for the dressing rooms, ice packs, and disinfectant wipes.
D. Film/Video senators Patrick Kack-Brice and Mike Toole are looking into dry erase markers and paper for the animation department and paying for the BFA1 film/video students' first-year prints.
E. Music senators Erinn Horton and Bianca McClure are looking into making staff paper available to the music students in a convenient location and setting up a collaboration fair for students to get to know who does what in music and other schools.  As well, they are discussing with the music school the issue of Wi-Fi and if it is possible to increase coverage for the practice rooms and all classrooms/studios.
F. Theatre senators Matthew Goodrich and Jasmine Hughes secured lockers for the theater students and are looking into the issue of disinfecting spaces.
While our funds for school improvement have now been almost completely used, let us know if there are any pressing issues for school improvement you feel student council should tackle next year! 

James Tatti
Student Council Secretary

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